Open Society Campaigns

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The Open Society Campaigns program has been initiated in 2003, as a response to the multiple negative developments that had then started to affect Romanian society.

The campaigns were designed to provide rapid responses - either by the Foundation alone or by larger NGO coalitions - to official measures, policies and administrative acts blatantly running against the advancement of rule of law and democratic values.

Throughout 2003, 2004 and 2005, advocacy campaigns were initiated in order to expose, criticize and generate public pressure to counter abuses by various administrative bodies or public officials. SFR's advocacy campaigns aimed at maximizing standards in anticorruption law-making and enforcing, monitored law implementation, issued regular reports assessing compliance to the Copenhagen criteria for EU accession, observed the fairness of the electoral process in 2004, defended media freedom and independence, etc.

In undertaking this course of action, the Foundation also pursued a secondary goal - that of reviving and enhancing the watchdog function of other organizations. The creation of informal NGO coalitions was catalyzed by the Foundation whenever this was deemed as the most effective way of achieving maximum leverage in relation to state authorities. The unstated goal was to act as a role model for other organizations and thus reinforce the voice of civil society in the public sphere.